The Personal Styling Coaching

2500€ - Premium Service

It’s possible to combine all the unique parts of yourself, shake them up like a cocktail, and pour out an exquisite version of YOU. This is a personal style coaching that will provide you tools to rise awareness about your body, style and possessions. Service Details:

  • The goals form
  • On-line session
  • Let's play shopping. How would you look if the price and life style would not be an issue?
  • I visit your wardrobe
  • You visit my wardrobe
  • You get your Pinterest board
  • You commit to keep going, I commit to stay tune for three months.

Lot of precisely information, emotional re-connection and self-love work and you are ready to walk your own sustainable style path.

Start mastering your personal style now and book a 45-minute free session here

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