Welcome to a new concept of personal style, one that does not care about fashion trends or seasonal “must haves”. Here you are going to understand your body proportions, breakdown your fashion beliefs and un-leash self-love through the three pillars program. Take it from me. I journeyed for 10 years until the moment I understood we modern women can’t build a solid personal style without shaking our Self-image Mindset. It can make the night-and-day difference to the constant struggle of balancing personal image with related overdrafts, versus living a personal style full of purpose, freedom and joy.

The three pillars program teaches you the fundamental set of skills that will help you raise awareness of your style and keep you on track, regardless of your body shape, professional challenges and your enviromental concerns. Imagine you in front of your closet every morning picking pieces of clothing that play harmoniously with each other, making you feel comfortable and which represent you. I experience that every single day and I am dedicated to teaching you how to achieve that as well. We need more conscious and empowered women on this planet to support conscious fashion consumption.

Remember, you already have everything within you to look gorgeous, everything in your closet to look decent and everything in your hands to start mastering your personal style”


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